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Marketing Studio

Toronto, Ontario

We partner with businesses to create strong brands, convey messages and tell stories that drive results.

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We develop and design cutting edge, responsive websites where every single element is where it needs to be helping you achieve your digital marketing goals.

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Video Production

We create engaging high-quality videos that fully convey your busines or your message, look beautiful and created specifically for your target audience.

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We create unique, consistent and recognizable brands that resonate with your customers, stand out from your competition and tell stories to drive results.

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We help companies align marketing and brand strategy. We share the best traditional and digital marketing practices that minimize efforts and maximize results.

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The challenge

The soltuion

We are Xselle

Xselle™ is a visual communication studio designed for the tech and info era. We partner with busineses to create strong brands, convey messages and tell stories that drive results. We are fully engaged in the development of brands and complex communication through digital and traditional marketing.

About Xselle

Our unique approach provides consistent results

Our unique approach provides a focused framework for every stage of the process – from learning about your business through conception and planning to development, execution, optimization and support.

About our approach

Some of our work

RK Centre offers safe non-invasive medical treatments to make our patients feel and be more attractive. We helped them set up all of their online branding including the website, landing pages, social media and ad campaigns.

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Quantfury is a technology driven brokerage which allows users to stop paying commissions and fees. We helped this tech startup develop their visual communications including website, video content and branding.

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Mirra Radiy is a psychologist, professional mentor and writer. She asked us to develop her personal branding and visual communications, to help spread her life story and secrets to living a happy life.

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Melodie Young is a talented Toronto singer, dancer and songwriter. She asked us to help her develop her online presence through her website, videos, and social media management.

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Maxselle is a marketing agency operating in downtown Toronto. We helped them kick off their sales by doing research within their industry, planning ad campaigns and developing their website.

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Who we work with

Xselle Marketing Solutions We work with-Unique Products and Services

Products and Services

Xselle Marketing Solutions We-work with RealEstate Developers and Agents

Real Estate Developers and Agents

Xselle Marketing Solutions We work with Educational Programs and Institutions

Educational Instititions and Programs

Xselle Marketing Solutions We-work with Health and Wellness Businesses and Institutions

Health and Wellness Businesses and Institutions

Xselle Marketing Solutions We work with Online Businesses

Online Businesses

Xselle Marketing Solutions We work with Retail and Wholesale

Retail and Wholesale

Xselle Marketing Solutions We work with Service Sector

Service Sector

Xselle Marketing Solutions We work with B2B and B2C Technology

B2B and B2C Technology

Client Testimonials

Xselle Marketing Solutions Svetlana Danilova's Testimonial

I want to thank Xselle team for the quality work they have done. The services were delivered very professionally in terms of design, architecture, and the marketing components. The solutions they provided have helped to make our brand more recognizable and as a result constantly attracting new customers. I especially want to note the client-orientation and attention to detail. Maxselle Media specialist thoroughly conducted a needs assessment, has indicated our strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. The results exceeded our expectations!

Svetlana D.

– BDE, CMO, Diso® Nutrinor

Xselle Marketing Solutions Roman Kashcheev's Testimonial

The team at Xselle has been tremendously helpful in building our business image and internal processes. They understood our vision and needs, and delivered precisely what we were looking for. Together we dug deep and analyzed our industry in order to develop the most effective plan of action. As a result, our branding makes us unique and really stand out from the competition, and our internal processes have been restructured to generate better customer communication. These changes truly helped me and my partner take our business to the next level. We look forward to continuing this valuable partnership.

Roman K.

– Founder, Matrëshka Labs™

Xselle Marketing Solutions Rufina Kraychik's Testimonial

In my 39 years of experience running businesses I have seen many agencies, but never one like Xselle. I am truly impressed with their work ethic, quality of services, reliability, and professionalism. My clinic is not easy to work with; we are spontaneous, energetic, very specific, and very picky. This is why we require fast, reliable and creative solutions. After only 2 months of working with them, I had the entrusted them with all of our marketing needs. Since then, we have been working for over 2 years and I cannot be happier.

Rufina K.

– Owner, RK Medical Aesthetic Centre

Our main priority is to make your business more successful because this makes the world a better place.

Our company started as a project to help busy business owners improve their business’s image, sales and customer retention. I saw that marketing and advertising agencies were often dishonest, wasting clients' resources. In my opinion, businesses drive economies. They create jobs, pay enormous amount of taxes, increase the quality of goods and services, therefore increasing the standard of living in Canada and the world. I strongly believe that by providing high quality services that help companies be more successful, we make the world a better place.

– Bulat Gazizoff Founder

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Professional Video Production

Our unique approach allows us to produce high quality, engaging and informative videos. We learn about your business and target audience, create concepts that fit your niche as well as plan and execute to ensure the final product looks, feels and works well.

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