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About us

We are a visual communication studio

Xselle™ is a visual communication studio designed for the tech and info era. We are fully engaged in the development of brands and complex communication through digital and traditional marketing.

We partner with busineses to create strong brands, convey messages and tell stories that drive results

Our experience in strategic marketing allows us to communicate and create brands that meet the the exact needs and expectations of your target audiences. Together with our clients, we create and communicate a brand that will be one of the most valuable asset in your business. It will be a foundation for your long-term business development and growth.

Xselle - a combination of experience and knowledge

Our agency unites specialists in digital and traditional marketing, strategic planning, branding and brand-consulting, graphic design, visual communication and advertising. By combining the experience and knowledge of our specialists we successfully implement projects in brand positioning, brand creation, naming, logo design, corporate identity, development, brand book development, graphic, advertising and printing design, video production, website development and web-design.

We are a team of specialists with one mission

Our team is united with one mission – to create effective communication between companies and their customers in order to ensure the fastest, most efficient growth.

Key members

Bulat Gazizoff

Managing Director

Bulat is an entrepreneurial marketer with 5+ years of hands-on experience in digital and traditional marketing. His main specialty is managing complex marketing projects in the fields of branding and visual communication. A combination of his management and technical skills along with creative vision allows Xselle™ team to deliver effective services.

Alif Ruhul

Director, Business Development

Alif is a digital strategist and an entrepreneur with 6+ years of experience in project management and business development. He has a strong background in consulting for start-ups and is a co-founder of Eco-business Farmium™. His business acumen and relationship management skills help Xselle™ build strong partnerships and grow the company.

Lediona Canellari

Director, Revenue

Lediona is a business development professional with 4+ years of experience in driving revenue and growth for startups. She has a strong background in entrepreneurial and design thinking methodologies. Her understanding of human-centred solutions and business intuition help Xselle™ deliver visual communication solutions that drive sales.

Our main focus is on visual commmunication

Visual communication is our only service, thus we have a complete understanding of how to build your brand and communicate with your target audience ensuring the fastest, most efficient growth.

We communicate and create brands with individuality and energy

Brands only exist in in the minds and hearts of consumers – it is thoughts, emotions, memories and the atmosphere around a business. The power visual communication is in creating these emotions, memories and atmosphere. We create and communicate brands with individuality and energy that inspire positive emotional responses and affection among the target audiences.

Our unique approach provides consistent results

Our unique approach provides a focused framework for every stage of the process – from learning about your business through concept and planning to development, execution, optimization and support.

Xselle Approach

Truth. Fairness. Accuracy.

We follow The Canadian Code Advertisment Standards

The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards (Code) sets the criteria for acceptable advertising in Canada.

Created by the advertising industry in 1963 to promote the professional practice of advertising, the Code is the cornerstone of advertising self-regulation in Canada.

Administered by ASC (Advertising Standards Canada), the Code is regularly updated to ensure it is current and contemporary – keeping pace with consumer and societal expectations. It contains 14 provisions that set the criteria for acceptable advertising that is truthful, fair and accurate. These provisions form the basis for the review of consumer and special interest group complaints, and trade disputes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Enactus Ryerson

    We are a Proud Supporter

Ryerson University Students transform lives by the positive power of business and entrepreneurship. They are on a mission to help the world. They teach financial literacy, lauch eco projects and create businesses that are focused on making the world a better place.

Enactus, as an experiential learning platform, helps students unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and develop the talent and perspective essential to leadership in our ever changing world.

Entrepreneurship in Action – Enactus Ryerson provides co-curricular opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience and generate personal and professional success.

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