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Xselle™ Marketing Studio

Professional Video Production

Toronto, Ontario

We create beautiful, dynamic videos that tell meaningful stories to your customers with your business objectives in mind.

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Professional Video Production

The main purpose of videos is to communicate information and form a holistic messaging of your brand in an eloquent and effective way. With original ideas and high quality productions, a video forms a relevant consistent image and communicates a message or tells a story.

Our unique approach allows us to produce high quality, engaging and informative videos. We learn about your business and target audience, create concepts that fit your niche as well as plan and execute to ensure the final product looks, feels and works well.

Tell a story, convey a message, reveal a product, service or your business with high resolution, professionally edited videos.

What makes our videos great?


Deep understanding of your business

The first stage of our work is learning about your business – we conduct a needs assessment and an internal business audit. This gives us a thorough understanding of your business to create a video that tells your story to your customers in an effective way.


Development and pre-production

Pre-production is the most important stage in creating a professional video. It’s where we figure out the best plan for your project. We outline the goals and identify the most effective distribution channels. We then analyse all of the information collected in the learning stage and curate the best ideas and concepts.


After we’ve come up with concepts, we begin to write the script making sure the message is accessible to the target audience.

Look and feel

We decide on the look, feel, colors and overall atmosphere to that will help in effectively conveying your message and get the desired result.

Detailed planning

We develop a detailed plan that helps us to avoid making mistakes and confusions during the production stage.

Talent, Crew, Location, Equipment

We decide on what talent and crew we need, find locations, prepare production/set design, props, camera, audio and lighting equipment.


Professional production

This is where the fun begins! We set the stage including audio, lights as well as actors and roll the cameras. We prepare the footage and audio for the post-production stage. This is where we turn our plan into a reality.



After we have caputred everything, the footage and audio goes to the post-production stage, where everything is edited, your revisions are made, graphics are added and the video is assembled. At the end of this stage you will see the final product.

Editing, Sound, Color, Graphics

We put it all together: assemble the footage, handle color-correction and color-grading; record voice overs; clean up the audio; add music; create graphics and visual effects. We make sure your video looks exactly as we planned.


Once we are done doing the bulk of the editing, you will see your video, tell us what you think, we’ll make revisions.

Final cut

With the final cut complete and your approval signed-off, we create high quality files of your video in multiple formats and sizes.

Video is a powerful marketing asset

The easiest way to consume information

Videos have been proven to be the easiest and the most entertaining way to consume information. A viewer only needs to click a play button; it takes little effort as the information is communicated through audio, visuals or both.

Create a significant emotional connection

Video is the most powerful way to evoke emotions. The art of combining editing, color correction, audio design and facial expressions creates a unique atmosphere that tells a beautiful story.

Positively impact consumer decision-making

Videos don’t always result in an immediate reaction to purchase a product/service. However, they do result in a more subconscious and subtle way to sway a consumers' mindset. Evoking emotion in marketing has been proven to positively impact consumer decision-making, even in business to business markets.

Create higher retention rates and stronger customer attention

Many studies show that up to 2/3 of viewers watch more than 75% of a video, which is considerable higher than with text-based content. In the modern era, catching and keeping attention is not an easy task, and video can certainly give you an advantage in telling your story.

Drive engagement and Traffic

Web pages containing video attract three times as many monthly visitors than websites without. High quality, professional videos double the time a customer spends on your website. Many marketing studies suggest that consumers are about 10 times more likely to engage with and share videos than text based content.

Convert more customers

Videos drive conversion rates and outperform every marketing content there is. Videos are successful because a message is beautifully communicated through a combination of the most powerful mediums – visual and audio.

Technologies lean towards video

Consumption of video has increased in the last 10 years, which has led technologies to lean towards video content. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Instagram was a photo only social media which then added 15sec video feature and later raised it to 1 min. Facebook has an autoplay for videos.

Improved SEO

According to Comscore, a media measurement and analytics company, adding a video to a website can increase the chance of being on the front page of Google by up to 52 times.


Every company's needs are different: there is not one solution that is equally effective for every business. Each company we work with needs a unique video solution strategically created for the exact business and niche. The price is always determined individually and varies on the scope of work, features, tasks and many other technicals specs.

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